Teach English in Japan|国際教育ネットワーク

Teach English in Japan


Message form the chairman

Our planet Earth is made up of 70 billion people living in over 200 different countries. In order for us to co-exist peacefully on the same planet, we must overcome the differences in our lifestyles, religions, and cultures.

Network for International Education (NIE) is a non-profit organization organaized by a group of educational institutions which provides services in foreign language studies and study abroad preparation programs. The members of NIE have established their identity and reputation in their respective community. We strongly believe that by using the tool of language education, we can foster cross-cultural understanding of young people around the world and deepen their awareness as a member of planet Earth.

NIE's Role

Network for International Education (NIE) is a non-profit organization organized by a group of educational institutions all across Japan. All the members of the NIE have contributed their long experiences to international education.
Our objectives are to further develop our research in language and study abroad preparation education, and to revitalize the international community. Furthermore, we organize activities such as in-service trainings, seminars, cultural exchange meetings, and support services for students.

Employment Opportunities

NIE is happy to receive your resume for various teaching positions available at our member schools. Upon receiving your resume, we will get in touch with you for an interview sessions that we plan to carry out utilizing the video conference system.
Native speaker of English with a B.A. or M.A in humanities or social science, no previous experience necessary
Depends on experience and qualification